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Our consulting services are focused on providing actionable solutions to the toughest challenges faced by your organization.

From strategy to software deployment we consult on numerous aspects of software planning and delivery process. Our deep rooted expertise on mission critical software products and services, helps us envisage sustainable solutions to the problems on-hand. Our solutions focus on the root of the issue and not just on the symptoms.

Our team of consultants comprises of top-notch experts who have the required experience and knowledge to dissect the challenges faced by your organization. Our solutions are not only pragmatic, but they also imbibe your organizational culture, nature of your business and various other elements of your organization to make the solution more contextual. Our time-tested approach to consulting has shown us the way to create successful solutions to the diverse challenges faced by different organizations.

Our client testimonials speak volumes about the customer experience and we are all set to repeat it time and again!

Product Strategy

A large number of product companies commit the classic mistake of either:

  • spending too much time and effort planning and predicting their product details or
  • the other extreme, of focusing too much on “building the product right” and waiting for the desired results

ignoring the “Are we building the right product?” aspect of the product strategy. Envisioning and planning the product is one of the toughest part of any product development process. It requires deep expertise to understand the consumer demands, scalable business model, pricing strategy and a delivery process that satisfies the business goals of an organization.

What product companies really need is a scientific framework for conducting many safe-fail experiments. In lean-startup lingo, let's say you have an idea or a vision for a product or a service. You need to devise a series of possible strategies that could possibly be use to fulfill your vision. It is important to acknowledge that each strategy is based on a list of hypotheses that need to be validated using a series of cheap, safe-fail experiments (via MVPs) to obtain validated learning. Then, based on real data, we pivot or persist the direction of the vision. Either way, you need to constantly keep running a series of experiments with fast feedback cycles to calibrate/validate your progress/direction.

Our deep expertise with product and services companies, have taught us ways to refine the product vision all the way to the delivery roadmap. Our experts can help you with your product discovery process to address the issues related to product visioning.

Agile Testing Strategy

One of the common issues with software development is misconceptions about Agile Testing. Despite being one of the most important part of any software development process, not enough focus is laid on the testing strategy for various products. The industry is also clogged with various misconceptions about how effective testing works on Agile projects. In many cases, there is a strategy to test a product; however it is nothing more than a generic template. In the past we have helped many organizations to create a customized best-fit strategy, specific to their product and nature of business. We really focus on helping organizations to transform their testers. Tester don’t have to people waiting in the end of the line to catch bugs, instead they can be experts, who mistake proof the development process to stop bugs from getting in the first place. Our team’s experience and expertise will help you with such strategies that ensures the success of your product in the market.


With the increase in the number of software developed in Agile/Lean way-of-working, there is an increase in the number of organizations transitioning to Agile/Lean methods. The challenges are multi-folded and more complex for traditional organizations who thrived on CMMI or other models. Our team of consultants provide their observations and solutions to the specific problems based on the client’s need. Our solutions are holistic and applies the systems-thinking principle, hence they are more sustainable and suitable for specific needs.

Development Practices

Despite decades of experience in the software industry, many organizations still strive hard to fix the fundamentals of software development. Most of their valuable time is spent on fixing defects, which was not supposed to be there in the first place. The art of programming is still a myth or an idea for most developers across organizations. This is a mammoth issue that both services and product companies grapple with. Our team of consultants help developers think from a broader perspective by using the development practices from eXtreme Programming. This would result in increased throughput of higher quality software that delights end-users. Most importantly it creates a community of good developers who could possibly change the fate of the software industry.

Legacy Project Rescue

One common issue with software development is dealing with unmanageable technical debt on their projects. While we focus on the functionalities, we tend to lose focus on the ‘bilities’ of the code-base (like maintainability, readability, extensibility, etc.). Often this results in poorly designed code, which makes the code-base a liability. Somehow the team manages to get a few releases out of the door, but development comes to a grinding halt in future releases. Poor awareness about design principles, common code smells and refactoring techniques leads to these issues. The teams hardly stick to the principle of clean code and end up adding one hack after another to the code base to keep up with growing customer demands. Our experts can help your organization to get out of this mess by educating your developers on how to clear their technical debt. We not only focus on clearing existing debt, but also strive to ensure that such issues do not occur in future releases.

Project Automation

With shorter delivery cycles, automation has become an imperative and not just an option for teams. Time and again, the ROI from project automation has definitely proved itself beneficial. Besides the mistake-proof effect of the automated test for the software, ensures that the software is tested multiple times and the resulting feedback is available to the development team rapidly even before the software is delivered to the end customer. Our experts can help you with your entire test and build automation process. We can review your build process and also help you with automation strategy to achieve Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD).


I used Xnsio's services for Agile transformation at Aditi. Naresh & Team possess a great combination of process and technical strength which I couldn't find in the various profiles/consultants that we had evaluated for this exercise. Their ability to work with all disciplines (dev, test, analysts, project managers) to guide them and give valuable inputs is commendable. We have got great success with the workshops that they did at Aditi.

Author image
Mini Manakame Senior Manager, Amazon

I have worked with Xnsio on more than one occasion and across multiple companies. Their deep insight into software development discipline, expert level knowledge on Object oriented languages and excellent communication skills makes them a right candidate for IT coaching. Their TDD workshop is well known and is highly popular among the development community across the companies I worked for. Their ability to combine their industry experience with thought provoking coaching approach and their commitment to improve the way products are developed makes them one of the most sought after Agile coach in the industry.

Author image
Suresh Rayasam Head of Engineering, LinkedIn

Xnsio is an expert on Agile methodology and have great coaches/trainers for any organization/team looking to move into using Agile. We found great benefit in working with them.

Author image
Abhishek Goel Founder, Cactus

Xnsio clearly has extensive experience with the Product Discovery Workshop. They convey the principles and practices underlying the process very well, with examples from past experience and application to the actual project addressed in the workshop. Their ability to quickly relate to the project and team members, and to focus on the specific details for the decomposition of this project at the various levels (goals/roles, activities, tasks), is remarkable and a good example for those learning to facilitate the workshop. Key take-away for me includes the technique of acceptance criteria driven decomposition or mapping, and the point that it is useful to map existing software to provide a baseline framework for future additions.

Author image
Doug Brophy Agile Expert, GE

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