Expert Training on Agile (Scrum/eXtreme Programming), Lean and Lean Startup

Practitioner-to-Practitioner Training, Coaching and Mentoring!

We offer a variety of training courses which are tailored to suit your development team. Our courses are anything but "by-the-book" rehashes of readily available scripts. Our immersive, fun filled hands-on approach and our wealth of practical knowledge gained from years of software development experience, ensures that the time you spend with us is a rewarding learning experience.

We are in the business of training & coaching teams and we strive to make it efficient, effective and enjoyable.It is unrealistic to claim that a single training program will make you the master of a subject. Trust us, shortcuts are not sustainable! Hence our unique training courses are created to quickly put you on the path of self-learning and continuous improvement. We can get you kick-started!

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All of our courses offer following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to course materials, sample projects and code examples with relevant tools
  • Low participant-to-instructor ratio
  • Heavy focus on hands-on learning experience
  • Live demos and real-world examples
  • Interactive activities/simulations to help understand the essence and concepts
  • Open discussion and dynamic format
  • Customizable

Post training, if your team needs help, we'll be happy to assist your team.

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Training Details


  • Trainer Fee: Rs. 1,35,000 (~2000 USD) per day
  • GST: Additional 18% GST applicable on all trainings delivered in India
  • Expenses: Travel, accommodation and other expenses to be paid by the company
  • No. of Participants: All our training have a cap of max 20 participants per training

Contact Details

If you are interested in any of the trainings listed here or interested in customizing these trainings to your needs, please contact us.


9:00 AM - 6:00PM
These trainings can also be conducted on a weekend if that works better for your team.

General Requirements

To ensure a successful workshop, we require the following facilities:

  • HDMI projector (1024x768 minimum) & Projector screen
  • 1 White board & Dry erase markers
  • Cluster seating with 5-6 people on each table
  • 1 Flip chart with the stand and marker pens for each table
  • Notepad and Pen for each participant
  • Ample room for students in terms of room size and set up
  • For Dev trainings: at least one powerful workstation between two programmers

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